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Useful tools, patches and source code for various platforms (Unix, Linux, GNU, DOS, Windows,...). All of this software is freeware ("free" as in beer) and some of it is open source/free software ("free" as in speech) under the GNU General Public License (GPL).

png2ico - PNG to icon converter (Linux, Unix, GNU, Windows, ...)

Converts PNG files to Windows icon resource files. If you're looking for a program to create a favicon.ico for your website, look no further. If you need instructions or don't even know what a favicon is, check out my short tutorial on how to create and install a favicon.ico.

GNU tar 1.19 bzip2 autodetect patch (GNU, Linux, Unix, Windows,...)

This patch adds autodetection of the .bz2 extension if zf is used. This allows you to extract arc.tar.bz2 using

tar xzf arc.tar.bz2

, which is a common typing mistake (you should have used j instead of z). Other behaviour is not changed, so unless you encounter an archive that has a .bz2 extension although it is a gzip archive, you will not notice any difference in tar's behaviour. Apply the patch by doing

cd tar-1.19 && patch -Np1 -i path/to/patch/tar-1.19-bz2-autodetect.patch

Download NOW! (3K)

ParseTrace (Linux, GNU)

This program parses output from strace and generates a list of files that were opened and of binaries that were executed. The idea behind this is to monitor compilation of a software package with strace and then use parsetrace to extract the list of files the compilation of this package depends on.

Download NOW! (9K)

CRC source code (Windows, Linux, GNU, Unix, DOS, ...)

A C++ class (C programmers, don't worry, you'll understand the source, too) for computing CRCs of arbitrary length for bitstreams/bytestreams of arbitrary length. Test program included.

Download NOW! (6K)

Thor, GetScan, ProbeDsk (DOS, Windows 9x)

Thor is a very nice boot manager if you get it installed (which you probably won't with the complicated documentation:).
Getscan prints scan codes of keys pressed (make, repeat and break codes).
Probedsk can be used to make backup copies of boot sectors and partition tables.

Download NOW! (47K)

Keyboard interrupt handler (DOS)

.ASM sources, .OBJ file and C++ test program to demonstrate how to write a keyboard interrupt handler that provides a simple keymap.
The code features bullet-proof deinstallation (even in cases when atexit() functions are not called). The BIOS based functions like getch() can be used together with the keymap if desired. The handler is not affected by compiler optimizations.

Download NOW! (4K)

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