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Old DOS stuff

Some software that I wrote years ago during the good old DOS times. It's all freeware ("free" as in beer) and some of it is open source/free software ("free" as in speech) under the GNU General Public License (GPL).

MDS - Molecular Dynamics Simulator (DOS)

A fantastic program to simulate the movement of particles under the influence of Lennard Jones, gravity, Coulomb and quadratic potential. The program was designed to be fun to use without making compromises in the physical simulation part.
For more info check the English manual or the German manual.

Download NOW! (185K)

Nibbles Extended (DOS)

An extended version of the nibbles game with the following features: level editor, bonus points, extra lives, courses may use almost all ASCII characters, starving mode (you get shorter if you don't eat), prepositioned numbers, and more.

Download NOW! (24K)
Get the Pascal source code! (25K)

Enhanced MineSweeper (DOS)

The main features of this mine sweeper game are guaranteed board solvability (no guessing necessary!), hint function, pause function, selectable video mode (VESA SVGA), free definition of minefield parameters. Also runs under Windows 9x (in full-screen mode)
For more info read the detailed description

Download NOW! (58K)

Evolution Simulator

Evolve is a small Pascal program (source and DOS .EXE included) that simulates evolution in a group of simulated humans. It is a simple demonstration of the principle behind genetic algorithms.

Download NOW! (5K)

Turing Machine Simulator (DOS)

A cute and colorful program that simulates a turing machine. Just unzip and run. Like MDS this program is supposed to be fun even if you don't have the scientific background.

Download NOW! (60K)

Thor, GetScan, ProbeDsk (DOS, Windows 9x)

Thor is a very nice boot manager if you get it installed (which you probably won't with the complicated documentation:).
Getscan prints scan codes of keys pressed (make, repeat and break codes).
Probedsk can be used to make backup copies of boot sectors and partition tables.

Download NOW! (47K)

Keyboard interrupt handler (DOS)

.ASM sources, .OBJ file and C++ test program to demonstrate how to write a keyboard interrupt handler that provides a simple keymap.
The code features bullet-proof deinstallation (even in cases when atexit() functions are not called). The BIOS based functions like getch() can be used together with the keymap if desired. The handler is not affected by compiler optimizations.

Download NOW! (4K)

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